Calling ambitious founders & purpose-driven startups


How we work

We work with founding teams from mission-led startups to help create sustainable social and commercial impact.

1. Advisery

We provide strategic guidance to founders and leadership teams of startups at various stages - from idea, to startup and growth - advising them with brand building, investment stories, product design, commercial strategy, organisational culture and more.

2. Mentoring

Calling upon our own experiences, we support individual founders; helping them grow as entrepreneurs, challenging their assumptions and asking questions that guide their thinking.

3. Investment

Our portfolio consists of startups we have invested our expertise with in exchange for equity, and/or whom we’ve invested directly into from our holding company.

4. Board

We take up official board positions with startups, helping shape the future strategic direction of the company and making decisions on major company issues.

Our portfolio

Startups that we have invested in and/or are currently working with.


Sustainable nature experiences at sea [Oslo]

  • Investor

  • Adviser to the Brim founders


preparing children for school and life [London]

  • Board member

  • Adviser to EasyPeasy founder and team

  • Strategic services for the EasyPeasy team


Get rewarded for spending less time with your phone [Oslo]

  • Adviser to the Hold founders

  • Strategic services for the Hold team

  • Board member


Make learning awesome [Oslo, London, Austin]

  • Co-founders and shareholders

  • Strategic Advisers to the CEO & board

Katapult Accelerator

Impact technology accelerator [Oslo]

  • Investor into Katapult Accelerator fund

  • Venture Partner


EdTech incubator [Paris]

  • Adviser and mentor to startups

The Moon & Mars

Landowner with mining rights [Moon, Mars]

  • Landowner with mining rights

The Nordic Web Ventures

Accelerating the Nordic Ecosystem [Copenhagen]



  • Investor

  • Adviser to Nyde founders


Teaching children to read through games [Oslo]


Norwegian technology journalism [Oslo]

  • Investor and contributing writers on entrepreneurship, technology & education

  • Adviser to the Shifter founders


Helping learners fall in love with reading [Vancouver]

  • Adviser and mentor to SiMBi founder


Save money with friends and family [Oslo]

  • Board member


Helping coaches organise and communicate with their teams [Oslo]

  • Adviser to Spond founders


Helping find the right university and course for you [Vienna, talinn]

  • Investor through Emerge Education

  • Adviser and mentor to UNIspotter founders


A clever speaker for kids [London]


Initiatives we support

We're proud backers of these organisations that share our own view of the world.

Apps For Good

Helping young people make their future with new technology [London]

  • Council member

  • Adviser to education and design teams

  • Apps For Good Experts

Design Club

Helping children people become design thinkers [London]

  • Founding supporters

Startup Tools

helping entrepreneurs focus on running their businesses [Stockholm]

  • Supporters and advisers

Harris Federation

the top performing large multi-academy trust [UK]

  • Board member

  • Chair of Governor at Harris Academy Chafford Hundred and Harris Academy Riverside

Founders Pledge

Enabling tech leaders to support causes close to them [London]

  • Pledgers

  • Supporters of the mission