We add strategic and hands-on value through advisory, mentoring, workshops, management and co-creation, utilising our global network.


We co-founded and incubated Kahoot!, “the world’s fastest growing learning brand”, launched in August 2013.

By May 2017, we had scaled Kahoot! to reach 50 million people around the world every month, along with our co-founders and a highly dedicated team.



We help startups achieve sustainability with social and commercial impact, by investing through our expertise and/or financially.


We have created a zero emission pay it forward platform for the Nordic startup community. Find out more.


Who are we?


Tim Moore

Managing Partner

An operational leader focused on nurturing creative talent and performance culture.  

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Jamie Brooker

Founding Partner

A creative leader using design thinking and technology to create social impact. 

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Johan Brand

Founding Partner

A visionary leader and agitator, connecting ideas and people as a catalyst for innovation. 

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If you think we could work together we'd love to hear from you; whether you're an entrepreneur, startup, incubator, accelerator, investor, university, government, high growth organisation, hosting an event or anyone in between.


Our writing


3 Keys to Enabling Great Culture

By Tim Moore

Advice for startup leaders… (Hint: Don’t give too much advice!)

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The triggers for growth and sustained success

By Johan Brand

I have frequently on stage and in media spoken about my dyslexia as part of my story and motivation for becoming an entrepreneur. It’s also been a huge part of my contribution for how we chose to structure & design the pedagogy and user experience behind Kahoot!.

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Growth isn't magic

By Jamie Brooker

There seems to be a mystique about startup growth. I’ve met plenty of founders who are seeking the secret sauce for scaling their startup idea.

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We tried to break free!

By Johan Brand

Back in 2012 the founding team of Kahoot! and the brilliant minds that surrounded us had some hairy goals to back a solid mission.

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Up, up and away!

By Johan Brand

It’s with heavy hearts that we announce Jamie & I have decided to step away from day-to-day operations at Kahoot! with immediate effect.

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The fire in our belly

By Johan Brand

We are Kahoot!, the company that makes learning awesome. This post shares our point of view, why we exist and our commitment to “Return on learning”.

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